Nicki Minaj Pairs A Pink Bikini With Neon Hair For New 'Starships' Video

nicki minaj pink bikini starships

Nicki Minaj in Hawaii filming a music video for "Starships."
Photo: Splash News

Who is the queen of hyper-color hair? Easy, Nicki Minaj, of course! Willing to go the extra mile (light-year?) on the red carpet, in music videos, for performances, and at awards shows, Miss Minaj always goes for it where both her hair and whimsical ensembles are concerned. In the last few months alone, she's gone bright pink and curly for Allure (not to mention rag-doll Marie Antoinette in the fashion department), leprechaun green for Paper, and switched from a purple to a neon green wig all during the same NBA All-Star performance. Gurl loves to switch up her hair game, and for that we bow to her. But what's this latest hurrr-incarnation? Miss M was photographed on a Hawaiian beach in looooong, flat-ironed neon green hair AND a hot pink bikini. What's going on here?

Well, Nicki M has been on location in Hawaii shooting a music video for her single "Starships." The song talks about going to the beach and then later gettin' on the dance floor, so we have a feeling we'll be seeing lots o' bikini-ness in motion and possibly some follicle changes—all involving copious amounts of pink obvs. (Minaj recently tweeted a pic of male models in pink loincloths and bowler hats.) There's no telling what we can expect from this vid other than her matching hot pink bikini accessorized with neon beach hair and a gentle dusting of sand. Also, possible writhing, elaborate dance numbers, and maybe some sort of airborne choreographed magic as the song implies. *fingers crossed*

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