St. Patrick's Day Accessories For The Unenthusiastic

st. patrick's day accessories

From left: Cambridge Satchel Company satchel, Topshop sunglasses, ASOS handbag charm, Butter London nail polish, and ASOS earrings.
Photo: Courtesy of, Topshop, Nordstrom

Yes, folks, it's time for yet another holiday requiring suitable clothing in which to celebrate. We're talking about Saint Patrick's Day, of course, and the necessity of even the tiniest smidgen of GREEN upon our person. Is that deliriously jovial pipe music and distant banshee wailing we hear? Yeahhh, we HEAR YA. Perhaps there are some of you who go for the full-on regalia of furry leprechaun hat, green dress, tights, shoes, and a version of literal or metaphorical brewski glasses, but there are also some of us who prefer little to no shamrock shenanigans. That's not to say that we're total grouches about the Irish holiday, it's just that A) some of us are quiet, and B) the rest of us don’t really go for an all-over kelly or forest or even neon green type of fashion affair. Thus, what are we to do about celebrating in style aside from tying green string around our wrists to avoid a day full of prods and pinches? ACCESSORIZE. In GREEN. No worries, we've got ya covered. (But not in Astroturf.)

It must be noted that green is a FANTASTIC color, but it works best sometimes as an accent. Thus, we suggest this Cambridge Satchel Company Green Satchel, which is a dramatic pop of green but also a funcitional one. It scores bonus points for taking care of the color trend part of your spring wardrobe (and every other season throughout the year ) as well as doubling as a school or work bag. Sunglasses are another great way to go, and these Topshop Gingham Top Frame Flat Top Sunglasses are delightfully cute, patterned, and ever so slightly '50s rockabilly picnic. The ASOS Palm Tree Handbag Charm, however, is straight up SUMMER and straight up awesome. Pin it on your purse, bag, or on a chain to wear around your neck.

Not feeling like wearing accessories at all? *crosses arms and huffs deeply* No probs. Grab a bottle of Butter London nail polish in British Racing Green and let your fingers do the Paddy talking. But if you want to make a statement while also tipping your hat to the neon trend, go for the ASOS Neon Plastic Hoop Earrings with a top knot updo and a sassy li'l dress. You may not be Irish, and you may not care one iota about this (possibly delightful) holiday, but at least you'll look super kewl and not like an utterly irrepressible killjoy. Cue fiddles and impromptu Riverdancing!

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