Drake Covers 'GQ''s First Ever Style Bible Issue

Drake GQ Style Bible

Drake on "GQ."
Photo: Sebastian Kim/GQ

Well, HELLOOO there, Mr. Debonair. A seriously suited-up Drake and those blindingly blissful pearly whites grace the cover of GQ's first ever Style Bible. The sizzling issue promises to provide "Everything A Man Needs To Look His Best in 2012," so let's take a detailed look at the cover and steal some stylish pointers for our beloved guy readers/reader's boy-toys. (P.S.: Drizzy, can you please rock this look to our imminent wedding? Thanks.)

Sartorial summary: Drake ditched his infamous sweater swag (RIP :( ) for a perfectly tailored Gucci suit that fits like a totally enviable glove paired with a Gucci shirt. Seriously, those shoulders? Those chiseled arms? Can you even imagine? Dudes, it's really important to "take care" (sorry, we had to) of your tie game, and Drake shuts it down with this silver Bottega Veneta tie. Also, peekaboo! Check out the classic Rolex screaming, "Hayyy!" under that sleeve, and he better work that one button swagger. OK, but it's really in the details (and we're not AT ALL talking about Drake's clean-cut buzz cut or his goosebump-inducing dimples). In Drake's case, he dappered it way up with his Paul Stuart pocket square and the chicer-than-thou Tom Ford belt and shining shoes. Fellas, let's break it down for you: Open a credit card, get thee to your local Zara, save some money for an on-point barber, and get in on some whitening-strips-for-your-grill action. Dear Drake, THANKS HONEY HOMIE!

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