Taylor Kitsch Sweats And Smizes In 'Flaunt' Magazine

taylor kitsch flaunt magazine

Taylor Kitsch in "Flaunt" magazine.
Photo: Tony Duran/"Flaunt" magazine

Like everyone else on the planet, we flip anytime there's anything regarding Taylor Kitsch. The entire MTV Style staff can quote Friday Night Lights in tandem, and if you haven't seen it yet, we strongly suggest you do something about that immediately. Once you behold TIM RIGGINS, you will never be the same again. The truth behind the mastery of FNL's most beloved character (named one of the 100 Greatest TV Characters of the Last 20 Years) lies within the talent of the Canadian-born, Austin-based Kitsch who plays him, of course. We've known it for years, but the dude is about to break out in a massive sort of way thanks to his work on that show and for his recent star turn in John Carter. But if his recent spread in Flaunt magazine is any indication, it might also have do with his super smokin' man-style, too.

Not that we have a weakness for dudes with long hair or anything (WE DO), but we like the fact that TK's long locks are back in full effect in this spread. You might recall that he cut his hair recently, much to the maniacal banshee wailing of legions of Riggins-adoring ladies, but it's back to its original state in this dewy Flaunt photo shoot. In the accompanying article, Kitsch talks about his adopted home of Austin, Texas. "It’s probably the most infectious town that I’ve ever been to," he tells the magazine. "It’s like no other city in Texas; it’s very liberal, it’s the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world. It’s got an incredible tone to it."

While we've been doing our best to drop the whole Tim Riggins thing and finally accept Taylor for who he truly is, this makes it harder. He's actually living Tim's #TexasForever dream according to this Flaunt article. We can do nothing but visualize him in faded jeans and a Stetson on his back patio drinking a Bud while watching the sunset, his killer smize powers in full, solitary effect. "None of my friends in Austin are actors," he says. "You go, any day of the week, to a music venue, and you are watching other people that are living for their work as well, and I love that—it’s great." Ugggh, FULL HEARTS, Taylor. WE. HAVE. FULL. HEARTS. And are totally regretting not getting tickets for SXSW.

{via Flaunt magazine}

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