Madonna Is Designing Shoes!

madonna shoes

Shoes from Madonna's new Truth or Dare line.
Photo: Courtesy of Aldo Group Inc.

We DARE you not to squeal with sartorial delight after reading this: Madonna is making shoes. *Immediately burns shoe closet, turns up "Burning Up," cries* Yes (slash FINALLY) the "Girl Gone Wild" singer/salacious style Queen of the fashion-y Pop galaxy has partnered with Aldo Group Inc. to create some killer dance floor-ready kicks via her Truth or Dare label. An early image of the fall '12 collection teases us with a pretty pump, a studded stiletto complete with mini bow, and a red carpet-friendly-slash-sexy gilded heel. They're fine and wearable and kind of affordable ($89 to $349), BUT we're shivering under our desks imagining those promised knee-high bangin' boots that Madonna currently lives in (paired with those perpetual fingerless gloves), which we we live and J'DIE for.  

The girl has definitely gone wild (hehe) as of late in the conquering-the-universe department, and we aren't complaining one bit (See: new seizure-inducing-kind-of-buzzed-about album, MDNA, a meowy with a side of maternal Truth or Dare fragrance, and, you know, that one time Madge worked it in head-to-gladiator-clad-toe Givenchy whilst turning a stadium full of football bros into dancing divas for 7½ minutes). But it's homegirl fiercely stomping her way all over the shoe department that just may change our lives forevs. That is, if only executed with the precision of an immaculate Madonna dance routine. OHHHH, which brings us to this li'l tid bit: Madonna plans to take the whole walking billboard thing to the glammest of levels by cartwheeling/pelvic-thrusting/perspiring out Truth or Dare perfume while rocking the Truth or Dare kicks on her upcoming tour. OMGAWD. We'll be off-key crooning out Give Me All Your Shoes, I mean, Luvin, right there with ya Madge, you wild, wild girl...Dear Fall '12, GET HERE PLZ.

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