Rihanna Sports Sheer Shirt With Nothing Underneath

Rihanna Mesh Shirt

Rihanna in NYC on March 11.
Photo: Splash News

This weekend we spotted Rihanna in NYC wearing a little, erm, less clothing than usual. The singer stepped out in a black cropped sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans, Timberlands, and a mesh bodysuit with...nothing underneath. Now, we know nip-slips happen even to the best of us, but this outfit hardly seems like a wardrobe malfunction. Too short sweater + completely sheer undershirt = 100% chance of boob flash. We don't mind going all-out sheer if you plan appropriately for it. See: Lady Gaga. She's the queen of going braless, but she always manages to wear some tape over her naughty bits. Back in 2010, she was a fan of the "X"-shaped electrical tape and even had a little fun with some glittery gold star nipple stickers. If Rihanna wanted to go for the completely nude look, she still could've sported some skin-colored Band-Aids. Just... something. Anything!

It'd be one thing if this was for some strategically shot magazine spread or even a music video where she could be appropriately edited, but she's walking around like this ON THE STREET. Like, children can see this, y'all. We understand that Rihanna's totally comfortable in her body and isn't afraid to show off how RIDIC hot she is (I mean, did you see her latest Armani ad?), but we're worried the boob-baring look is slowly becoming the new crotch flash. (Remember those? Yikesies.) For now, we'll just chalk this up as an outfit accident and let it slide, but we really hope this doesn't become a habit!

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