Zac Efron Makes Khakis Look Really Good

Zac Efron

Zac Efron promotes "The Lorax" in khakis.
Photo: Getty Images

We're not sure how he does it, but we've become increasingly aware that every time Zac Efron hits a red carpet (or green, as the case may be) for The Lorax, we're reduced to a slobbering gaggle of ladybabies. Maybe it's partially because he's dropping hints (aka condoms) on the step and repeat, but we think it has more to do with his impeccable sense of style. It's a simple formula that Efron works with (brown dress shoes, white tee, something over top, and khaki pants at juuuuust the right level of tightness), but it's classic Americana at its best, for sure.

With just days between these Lorax premieres and photocalls, we should probably raise an eyebrow about whether or not Zac is just re-wearing the same pants and undershirt over and over, but something tells us High School Musical afforded him with enough pocket cash to cop a pair or two to keep on ice. Also, it's hard to stay skeptical of a man who can change the mood of an outfit three times over just by switching up ONE article.

I mean, this sartorial dexterity is worth starting a slow-clap for. He effortlessly moves from poised and preppy in a merino wool-looking sweater to rugged casualness with the substitution of a chambray button-up. It's that buttery leather James Dean in khakis look, though, that slams the final nail in the coffin, leaving us a puddle of flesh and estrogen in our desk chairs. And then we're confronted with a cruel reality check: We are ogling a digital snapshot. *cue heart-broken sob sesh*

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