Lindsay Lohan Has Red Hair Again

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan dyed her hair red.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

YOU GUYS, Lindsay Lohan's hair is RED again! *heavens open up with a chorus of cherubim and waterfall of light* I think I speak for much of the girl community when I say this is SUCH a welcome change. The platinum was cool for a while, but it's definitely had its run. For now, the white-hot blonde look has been laid to rest in favor of that rich auburn we all fell in love with from The Parent Trap through Mean Girls, and we are SO AMPED about it.

We did a little double take, not just because of the new hue, but also because uhhh, WHERE did her bangs go?? Anyone who has ever tried to grow a set of bangs out knows, that is not an overnight process, and we DEFINITELY saw girl with full fringe just last week when she hosted Saturday Night Live. It seems the bangs may have been a set of extensions, which made the transition to middle-parted fiery locks a relatively seamless one and actually kind of a smart way to test the waters with bangs.

Truthfully, we love everything about this new look, from her new hair color all the way down to those dark wash bootcut jeans. The warm tortoiseshell glasses paired with that red coral moto jacket and terracotta jersey tee, it all just feels like the MOST satisfying exhale. So relaxed and comfortable, yet poised and put together beautifully. A collective hat-tip to you, LiLo. Keep this up because we're totally digging it. Go ahead and let Debbie Harry carry the white-blonde banged torch from here on out.

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