Camping Style Tips From 'Jersey Shore'

Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore girls set up their tent.
Photo: MTV

On this week's episode of Jersey Shore, the roommates all go CAMPING! Well, all but Vinny and Pauly who opts out, claiming to be against the whole "no mirror, no bathroom, can't do my blowout" aspect of camping. Perhaps the rest of the roommates were just less aware of how stripped an experience camping can be, but they braved the wilderness and their extraction from the world of styling irons and GTL nonetheless. So how exactly do the Seaside Heights mainstays ready themselves for a *achem* low maintenance night under the stars?

Ronnie, Snooki, and Deena start the packing brainstorming on their last shift at the Shore Store. Deena suggests, "hair gel, so I can crunch my hair if it gets wet," which is totally rational even for the most outdoorsy lady, but things quickly take a turn for the meatball as she and Nicole list off the contents of an entire drugstore beauty aisle—nail glue, spray tan, bronzer—until Ron voices his concerns. Getting dressed the morning of the trip, Jenni and Snooks get into the natural theme, coordinating their outfits with their future scenery. JWOWW wears a moss green top with a wide low slung belt, and Snooki pops on a camo hunting hat, which she justifies by saying, "Say I see a bear. I'm gonna be like," *throws hands up, holds perfectly still* "...and he won't see me!" *smile attack* Clearly they're out of their element heading into the woods and away from the boardwalk, but you can't knock them for trying!

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