'Katy Perry: Part Of Me' Movie To Immortalize Tour Wardrobe In 3-D

Katy Perry performs "Part Of Me" at the 2012 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry has been in talks with Paramount about making a 3-D concert movie, and finally, Katy herself confirmed last night via Twitter that Katy Perry: Part Of Me will drop this summer. Forgive our inability to contain our excitement, but AKLDFJGALKDF!!! Along with this meaning we'll experience something like sitting front row at a KP concert (in cushy theater seats, no less), Katy's incomparable tour wardrobe will be immortalized in 3-D! Details aren't clear at the moment whether the movie will feature her Candyfornia Tour or if Katy will film new concert footage for the flick, which leaves us with a grip of burning questions. What color will her hair be? How many quick changes will we witness? WILL THERE BE LATEX? Whatever ends up being featured in the final product, we can't wait to see her stylist Johnny Wujek's handiwork on the silver screen, the colossal projections of her Candyfornia stage spectacles, and Katy's technicolor locks flying at us with every hair-whipping movement.

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