Jennifer Lawrence Covers ‘Seventeen’ In Tie-Dye

Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of the April issue “Seventeen” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Seventeen”

For the love of Cinna, Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of the April issue of Seventeen magazine! Why are we so amped up and resorting to mouth-breathing right now? Well, for one, because The Hunger Games is mere WEEKS away. (Did you get your tickets for March 23rd yet? DO. IT.) And, secondly, because Jennifer Lawrence seems to be going for a total anti-Katniss Everdeen look on the cover of the mag by wearing TIE-DYE. Why are we so perplexed by this style choice and ZOMG did she actually reveal whether she’s Team Gale or Team Peeta? We have answers to both of these questions.

Jennifer Lawrence in the April issue of “Seventeen” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Seventeen”

In the cover story interview, Lawrence reveals to Seventeen that the post-apocalyptic subject matter of the beloved Hunger Games books and movie are not too different from real life. “We are living in a world where we watch extreme sports shows where people get hurt or killed,” she says. “It takes a lot to shock us.” It does, J-Law, it does, which is why we’re kinda sorta shocked by this tie-dye. Not that you chose to wear it or anything, and not that you don’t look fantastic with the golden tresses and matching crimson lip color, it’s just that this tie-dye feels very Katniss-in-the-ring to us. Like she was wearing white and then, well, THE HUNGER GAMES started. But maybe that’s just us and our macabre-leaning brains. Moving on!

Lawrence opens up to Seventeen about working with Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and says, “They are hilarious and sweet. They are like my brothers.” But is she Team Peeta or Team Gale? “I think I was Gale, until he started getting a little too trigger-happy…or maybe first Peeta and then Gale, or Gale then Peeta? I went back and forth a lot!” Kind of like we’re going back and forth about this cover look. What do you think? Are you into Jennifer Lawrence’s tie-dye? Or would you have preferred a cover similar to this inside shot above featuring a teal blue shirt, white jeans, and a horse? Team Tie-Dye or Team Teal Horse?

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