5 Things We Learned About Grimes' Style

Grime Fashion

Grimes in 2011.
Photo: Courtesy of Grimes' Facebook

Hello, world. We have a little present for you, and her name is Grimes. If you haven't already heard of the soft-spoken Canadian singer (whose real name is Claire Boucher), she's quickly making her mark in the music and fashion scene thanks to opening for big names like Lykke Li and releasing one stylish and catchy impossible-not-to-share-with-everyone-you-know music video after another. (See: "Vanessa" and "Crystal Ball.") She's just released her third electro-synth album, Visions, in February, and The New York Times caught up with her not only to talk music, but—GASP—style. We were pleasantly surprised by her humble approach to the fashion world, and we want to share EVERYTHING we learned with y'all. So let's go!

1.) There's no designer clothes in her wardrobe: "'I don’t own anything designer,' said Ms. Boucher, 23. She wore an old prom gown in the video for last year's wonderfully creepy 'Vanessa.'"

2.) She finds beauty inspiration in spooky things: "I wanted ['Vanessa'] to be powerful and sexy, showing the beauty of women, but with a dark side," she said. "I like creating beauty out of scary things."

3.) She has the same costume designer as Arcade Fire: "The making of 'Crystal Ball' did result in her meeting Renata Morales, a fashion designer based in Montreal, who made her outfit for it. Now Ms. Morales, who designs costumes for the popular band Arcade Fire, has made other pieces for Ms. Boucher."

4.) She and Lady Gaga love the same designer: "Over tea, Ms. Boucher said she was wearing a jacket and pair of cream and black patterned tights made by Lie Sang Bong, a Korean designer whose clothes have also been worn by Lady Gaga. 'He’s, like, really cool,' she said."

5.) She needs to cheat-sheet to remember who she's wearing: "When asked what designer made the silk crepe and organza maxi dress she was also wearing, she drew a blank and instead pulled out a favorite $5 pair of fingerless black gloves embellished with skulls to show the reporter. After a few minutes, she recalled the dress designer's name. 'I think it is Gary Graham,' she said, smiling sheepishly. 'I had a sheet with names I was supposed to memorize.'"

{via The New York Times}

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