Let's Pick Out Snooki's New Baby Clothes

Snooki Baby Clothes

A baby outfit if Snooki has a girl!

Guys, Snooki is expecting! The big news dropped today, and the mommy-to-be also revealed that she's engaged to boyfriend Jionni LaValle. (Ah ha! That WAS an engagement ring we spotted the other day.) Call us crazy, but we're kiiiind of excited to see how Snooki styles her little meatball. It's still up in the air whether it's a boy or girl, but don't worry—we're covering all our bases. We've put together some Snooki-fied baby outfits for her newborn that we think she'll totally dig. First up, a baby girl ensemble! Our Jersey Shore lady is ALL about accessories and animal print, so we went with a giant pink zebra bow paired with a sparkly fuchsia zebra swimsuit (so beach ready, amirite?), pink cheetah print sunglasses, a black tutu, and animal print flip-flops. We think this girly punk rocker meets beach babe ensemble has every part of Snooki's style rolled up into one tiny little package. Awww!

Snooki Baby Clothes

A baby outfit if Snooki has a boy!

If Snooks has a little boy, we're guessing she'd somehow find a way to mix a little animal print into his ensembles. We picked out a long sleeve leopard onesie, a mini jean jacket vest, Ed Hardy-inspired slip-on sneakers, and (we couldn't resist) a "Ladies Man" baseball cap for good measure. When Snooki's feeling spicy, we even found a bottle of baby hair gel so she can do up his 'do any way she pleases. But the clothes are just the beginning! Will she have a decked-out stroller and diaper bag? What about this pacifiers? So many questions! Only time will tell, but we can't wait to see what sort of amazingness she comes up with.

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