Rihanna Boosts Boy London Sales With 'Jonathan Ross Show' Appearance

Rihanna, Jonathan Ross

Rihanna performs in Boy London on "The Jonathan Ross Show."
Photo: Courtesy of @Wossy's Twitter

With the ironclad confidence to pull off style gambles from turtlenecks to kinda bizarro headgear and make them look COVETABLE, we already knew Rihanna had colossal fashion power, but DANGGGG, GURL. U.K. newspaper Telegraph reports that Ri and her Boy London performance outfit served to spike sales of the unisex streetwear brand by a whopping 45 percent on Saturday night alone. *picks jaw up off the floor and rests on keyboard* Ri's interview and performance on The Jonathan Ross Show in head-to-toe Boy London aired Saturday evening in the U.K.

The Barbados beauty chatted with Jonathan about her upcoming feature film Battleship and graced the stage with a live performance of "Talk That Talk" in her Boy flatbrim, printed ¾ sleeve top, and A-line miniskirt. Immediately after, the Jonathan Ross-viewing Rihanna Navy stormed the Selfridges online shop, nabbing up caps, T-shirts, and leggings by the digital cartful. WOWZA!

{via Telegraph}

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