Nicki Minaj Says Anna Wintour Is ‘Sweet’ In ‘Paper’

Nicki Minaj on the Spring 2012 cover of “Paper” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Paper” magazine’s Facebook

We are suckers for eccentricities (hello, we’re obsessed with eyeball nail art!) and that makes us Nicki Minaj’s Barbies by default. As such, we join the ranks of Barneys’ creative ambassador Simon Doonan, who even admitted in his brilliant interview with HB (that’s Head Barbz for all you new Nicki fans) that he watches the video “Stupid Stupid,” on repeat. He then proceeds to quiz her Minajesty on everything from her fave fash icons to Anna Wintour! We got our hands on the interview and trust us, her answers will make you love her even more.

Anyone who can pair spring’s refined pastel separates with green hair the color of Shrek is clearly a style icon, and fittingly, Nicki Minaj finds inspiration from another fash-tacular star, Grace Jones. Minaj also reveals that she loves Cyndi Lauper, Janet Jackson, and Boy George. “I always loved the way he dressed, and his music too,” she tells Doonan of George. Surely, she fits right in with that list of quirky, fash-mazing sartorial genius.

If you need more proof of how very fashion-forward La Minaj is, get this: Anna Wintour loves her. Of sitting next to the “Queen of Vogue” at New York Fashion Week, Nicki said: “It was such a strange experience. I felt like I was dreaming. And I thought she would be snobby or something. But she was so incredibly sweet to me.” Does this mean Anna is officially a Barbie?! Looks like our job is done here, folks. *wipes hands clean*

Nicki Minaj on the Spring 2012 cover of “Paper” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Paper” magazine

{via Paper Magazine}

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