Waka Flocka Flame, A-Trak, Big Sean, And More Perform At Kanye West's Fashion Show After Party

Kanye West Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Waka Flocka Flame, A-Trak, and Big Sean all made an appearance at Kanye West's fall 2012 after party.
Photo: Getty Images

Not to be all, "We told you so!" but we totally called it earlier today when we thought Azealia Banks would be performing at Kanye West's second-ever Paris Fashion Week show. Little did we know, we wouldn't be graced with just Ms. Banks presence, but also Waka Flocka Flame, A-Trak, Big Sean, Common, AND Mos Def. Um, did Yeezy go big or what? The rappers took over Kanye's runway space in Paris (which included a racing track around the seats) for an all-out after party that we wish soooo hard we were invited to. *single tear* Luckily, thanks to this thing called THE INTERNET, we were able to scrap together what this fashion-filled event entailed.

Azealia shared the stage with Big Sean in a Fendi dress and high boots, which she revealed via Twitter and added that Sean is a total "cutie!" Awww. A-Trak DJed for a bit until Waka, Common and Mos Def all took the stage together. Judging by the blurry Instagram pics (don't drink and tweet, y'all!), Waka seemed to be wearing some super low-slung pants, which caused a teeny bit of Twitter rage.

During the show Kanye mingled with commoners in a low-key jean jacket ensemble, which we're into, and then, to top the whole night off, the go-kart racing was OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for anyone to partake in. Not. Fair. To see more pics from Kanye's Paris Fashion Week show, check out the pics below!


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