Prabal Gurung Discusses Lady Gaga's Outfit


Lady Gaga wearing Prabal Gurung by Linda Farrow Projects at the Born This Way Foundation launch.
Photo: Courtesy of Linda Farrow/Prabal Gurung

Lady Gaga recently launched her Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University to much deserved fanfare and MTV applause (not to mention major "woots!" for her choice to wear a ladylike Sally LaPointe dress with aerodynamic headgear). Well, if you didn't see photos of her arriving at Harvard, a delicate snow falling around her Linda Farrow bespectacled visage, then you might have missed out on the TO-DIE Prabal Gurung coat she wore over the dress. Dramatic, structured, and tinted with leather sleeves in undulating shades of jade green and bruise purple, she stepped out into the concrete winter wonderland like a magnificent queen beetle. And don't think Prabal himself didn't have something to say about it.

lady gaga prabal gurung born this way

Lady Gaga wearing a Prabal Gurung coat at the launch of her Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University.
Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to Grazia, Gurung said, "I had some sort of high school girl moment. I was like, 'ahhhhhhh!'" (Naturally.) Asked if he knew she was going to wear it, he said, "You never really know when or if it'll happen after the girls request things." Wow, we never thought about the fact that designers are often just as surprised as we are when a celeb (or icon, as in the case of Mother Monster) wears one of their pieces. It makes us wonder if designers the world over gather 'round ye ol' television set to watch awards shows or stalk photo websites to see if someone is wearing a dress they've sent out. We thought there was always some sort of stealth walkie-talkie action (or at least a text) to a designer from a stylist reading, "She's going for the Gurung. Repeat, she's going for the GURUNG. Roger that. Over and out!" It's nice to know the designers themselves are web sleuths like the rest of us. And in the case of Gurung, having "high school girl moments" like us, too.

{via Grazia}

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