We Can't Stop Seeing Eyeball Nail Art Everywhere

We can't deny it any longer—the universe keeps telling us we need to write about eyeballs. Technically eyeball nail art, but everywhere we turn we can't stop seeing peepers staring straight back at us. It all started when we saw Alexa Chung sporting a green eyeball mani at the end of last year, and, not to get dramatic or anything, but then our lives spiraled out of control. Bam! Beth Ditto's eyeball-y MAC campaign. Bam! Eyeballs on accessories. We panicked and turned to Tumblr for our daily nail art fix to get away from it all, and then *THUNDER CLAP* everything came to a head. We were overwhelmed with picture after picture of eyeball nailage (that sounds gross), and, guys, it's not even Halloween! Then today we spotted Cassie at the Givenchy PFW show sporting—you guessed it—eyeball nail art, and that was officially our cue to throw in the towel. By now, we're equally creeped out as we are intrigued, so we figured, heh, why not pick out our favorite eye nail art and just end this once and for all. I mean, it can't get any weirder, right?


Eyeball Nail Art

Eyeball nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of The Third Moon And 2% Milk's Tumblr

First up is a hodgepodge of eyeball nail art from The Third Moon And 2% Milk. We've got everything from in-need-of-Visine bloodshot peepers to 3-D googly eyes (!!!) over a lime green base coat that totally remind us of the aliens from Toy Story. Ohhhh wait, is this nail artist referencing "the CLAAWWWWW!" DEEP.


Eyeball Nail Art

Eyeball nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of Candy Paint's Tumblr

Instead of the traditional half moon manicures, Michelle over at Candy Paint switched it up with a little bit of pupil action. She did mostly blue eyes and added a shot of green with red veins on the ring finger for an extra touch of color.


Eyeball Nail Art

Eyeball nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of Disco Nails' Tumblr

This mani is definitely all about the otherworld. The ladies at Disco Nails combined (beautifully, we might add) the mysteries of the universe with a cross and the Eye of Providence, aka that symbol you often see on the back of a one dollar bill. The image symbolizes the eye of god surrounded by rays of glory, which is supposed to watch over all of humankind. Whew, didn't think we'd be diving in this deep for nail art, did we?


Eyeball Nail Art

Eyeball nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of El Salonsito's Tumblr

Ami over at El Salonsito said her killer nail art was inspired by Freddie Mercury's fashion! She claims to be a huge Queen fan and wanted to re-create some of his looks on her tips. Little does she know that her eyeball design is actually modeled after the Eye of Horus—an ancient Egyptian symbol used as protection. We love the bold colors and patterns (and historic references!) used in this mash-up of a mani.


Eyeball Nail Art

Eyeball nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of Obsessee's Typepad

Madeline from Obsessee modeled her mani after Alexa's polished peepers. She used a nude polish for a base and painted solid white eyes with long lashes on every nail. We love this girlier take on the trend, plus you can hold your fingers up your eyes and totally creep everyone out at a moment's notice. Yesss.


Eyeball Nail Art Cassie

Cassie front row at Givenchy's FW 2012 Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

In nails we'll never be able to afford news, look at Cassie! She sported pale pink stiletto nails with giant rhinestone peepers on her accent fingers. Knowing Cassie's glam ways, they're probably ALL DIAMONDS, which makes us want to cry. Hold us.

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