Katy Perry vs. Jennifer Lawrence: Who Wore Blue Viktor & Rolf Better?

katy perry jennifer lawrence viktor & rolf

Katy Perry attends the Viktor & Rolf Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week show; Jennifer Lawrence at the 2012 People's Choice Awards
Photo: Getty Images

It's fashion match time! This time the theme is BLUE. We're talking Smurf blue but with the extra added bonus of swirlies galore. (Who doesn't love a little fancy filigree?) In one corner we have the delectable Katy Perry who, in our humble opinion, kind of OWNS blue. Who else can rock an azure-hued 'do with an electric cyan ensemble while also tossing some essence of pale sky onto her eyelids like it ain't no thing? Answer: NO ONE. Unless, of course you're the lovely Jennifer Lawrence, who's about to kill (literally) in the upcoming film The Hunger Games and also in a netted royal blue swirl dress that is kinda risqué but also completely interesting. Both ladies wore similar looks by celebrated design duo Viktor & Rolf, and we can't decide who wore them better.

Miss Perry has a lot going on with her Paris Fashion Week ensemble, but we like it. She, too, has a dress with black netting that allows a lighter shade of blue (close to the shade of her hair) show through underneath. She tops the mostly black dress off with a bright satin indigo coat that features a rounded collar with black swirls. And it doesn't stop there. The hair is a vivid blue, the eyes are a smoky blue, and the suede pumps are a nice touch of ultramarine. It's an EXPLOSION of cerulean. But is it all too much?

Miss Lawrence goes for a more subtle look with her People's Choice Awards dress. It's a stealth attack of sapphire. The swirls of her dress are larger and more pronounced, but they seem alive and crawling up her bodice. We like the sense of movement and how the blue of her dress pairs nicely with a light tan. Unlike Katy, there is nothing detracting from the dress, either. Her shoes are simple, strappy black heeled sandals, and her eyes, like Katy's, have a hint of blue to them but are more heavily lined than smoky. All in all, it's a solid look, but is it enough?

We appeal to you, dear readers. Which blue look do you prefer? Katy's or Jennifer's? Beware: the wrong answer might earn you a shot of whip cream in the eye or an arrow through your apple.

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