Willow Smith Debuts Green 'Do

Willow Smith Green Hair

Willow Smith shows off her green hair.
Photo: Courtesy of @OfficialWillow's Instagram

Willow Smith has been undergoing a monthlong hairvolution! At the beginning of February, she shaved off her whip-friendly locks into a super short buzz-cut and then dyed her hair a bright platinum blonde. This week, she decided to color her close-cut curls a bold emerald green, and whooaaa. We're not sure if this is an early homage to St. Patrick's Day or what, but we love Willow's fearlessness when it comes to her hair. Like, we literally can't think of anyone who would look THIS good with a clover-colored 'do, and we're really impressed. We're totally going along for the ride during Willow's experimental hair phase, and why not? She's young and having fun! Oh, the things we wish we could do to our hair...

To debut her new 'do, she sported a Tyler, The Creator "Goblin" tie-dye tee, high-waisted white shorts, a beaded belt, and tons of stacked bracelets. We love her no-nonsense, cool, and comfy ensemble that's still totally stylish. This time, she opted to leave behind the oversized glasses for an early '90s look that we're loving. We wish we could peep her kicks, but knowing Willow's killer shoe history, they're probs nothing short of amazing. We can't even imagine what hair color she'll rock next (Tie-dye? Rainbow?), but we can't wait to see what Ms. Smith turns up with! *squee*

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