Barneys CO-OP Videos Feature Models Being Funny

barneys coop video girl models

From left: models wearing Sea NY, Acne, and Diane Von Furstenberg in the Barneys CO-OP Spring 2012 video.
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York

Typically not two words you associate with each other, "funny models" is exactly the kind of thing we're into. It's not that models aren't funny, it's just that we so rarely hear them speak (or see them smiling), and especially not for a store campaign. Barney's CO-OP isn't your typical store, though. For their new spring 2012 campaigns, they shot two videos (one for women and one for men) featuring models telling life stories while wearing looks from various spring collections. But the stories? They're HILARIOUS. We're talking stuff involving interesting/bizarre dance moves (otherwise known as Butoh, which is actually a real dance technique, and The Pancake, which we think is completely made up), as well as issues involving toes, small towns, swallowing quarters, and a model dude yelling "AHORCALA!" really passionately for no apparent reason. You guys, you need to see these videos to behold their fash-magic.

In the women's video, entitled "Eagle Marie and Other Stories," models talk about everything from growing up in small towns (one model even sings a nerd-core song about Mississippi) to getting gross foot bruises from fashion week. What's awesome about this is that sometimes they tell embarrassing stories as if they're unaware the camera is on them. One curly haired model sings unselfconsciously while another talks about crazy people in New York, and the effect is can't-take-your-eyes-off-it worthy. They do all of this while wearing covetable looks from brands like Sea NY, Acne, and Diane Von Furstenberg, too. The juxtaposition of the true-life stories with super kewl ensembles takes what could be a boring department store campaign video to a whole new level.

barneys coop video guy models

From left: models wearing Comme des Garcons Shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and A.P.C. from the Barneys CO-OP Spring 2012 video.
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York

In the men's video, entitled "Pancake Dance and Other Stories," one model shows off his dance moves—which he describes as "full body activation"—while wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs outfit you dream of seeing on your BF. Two other guys show off the aforementioned "pancake dance," and they dance like no one's watching. I ask you this: Who doesn't want to see insanely cute male models/"bartenders" moving around like adorable lunatics while wearing crisp French A.P.C. basics or the latest from Comme des Garcons? This is fashion GOLD, people. I suggest you stop reading these words right now and start "cooking your flapjacks like I told ya." Just watch the video and see. "¡AHORCALA!"

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