We Dig Mariah Carey's Fresh-Faced Studio Look

Mariah Carey stays fresh-faced in the studio.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Mariah Carey's Twitter

Mariah Carey and her incomparable pipes have been staples in our life soundtrack and karaoke repertoire since wee babyhood. (If you haven't seen this ten-minute video of her best vocal runs and riffs before, do yourself a favor and watch it. Right now.) Thanks to one of her latest Twitter updates, it looks like the power balladier is hitting up the studio again and recording a new song!! While we have preeeeetty much no idea what this thing is going to sound like, perhaps her fresh-faced studio look can give us some clues? Suuuuper speculative and rumor mill churning, WE KNOW. But as giant Mariah Stans who are also style gumshoes, this is just what we do.

Despite the evident sheen of lipgloss and maybe some foundation action happening, Mariah's visage looks distinctly bare compared to her go-to red carpet vixen beauty look. Most notable is her complete lack of eye makeup. Could this mean a heart-wrenching, tear-welling love song is in the works? An anthem of unrequited love? Did she skip the mascara for fear of it running all over her face while singing? Okay, we're being dramatic, but we do really dig this stripped down beauty look for Mariah. And also that she had the ladycojones to post the picture to Twitter for all the Internet. *round of applause* We are not worthy.

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