Ugg Collection Shoes Are Unacceptably Expensive

Ugg Shoe Collection

Shoes from the UGG Collection line.
Photo: Courtesy of UGG

OK, this is really important. We all know that it's super easy to pick on Uggs. Mostly because as shearling sock-boots favored by Australian beach-combing hippies and ladies who own "going-out sweats," they pretty much put the "Ugg" in "FuggbarfgrossNO." But the thing is, I actually have dear friends who are legitimately attractive and intelligent who recycle, read books, know how to cook and listen to good music who swear by them as the warmest and most comfortable shoes known to foot. And then there's this other thing where people I admire, like Azealia Banks or stylist Carlyne de Dudzeele Cerf (who is like BESTIES with Alaia) also wear them. Going so far as to be photographed in black ones for 'Interview' Magazine.

Basically, there are certain days when I wonder what it would be like to wear squishy, toasty flats lined in sheep fur and think good thoughts about them. So when Ugg released their newest collection of ladyshoes by way of Ugg Collection, I, along with the fine folks at Refinery29, was pleasantly surprised with the sculpted heels UNTIL I realized how extortionately expensive the shoes were.

On the left you have the Andreana that features a baffling prosthesis, cankle-looking contraption attached to a periwinkle sandal that as a nod to the "Ugg Classic" is all well and good EXCEPT that it costs $795. I KNOW. On the right, you have the Cynthia with a woven upper and dangling die-cut butterflies that fetches a cool $950 MSRP. I am not a fan but what do you think? A bold and decisive direction? Or a confusing and overpriced gambit more alienating than previously thought possible? Tell us.

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