Did Rihanna Have A Hair Emergency In London?

Rihanna disguises her bad hair day with a hat.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna just touched down on American soil after a long stint in the UK, scooping up awards, celebrating her birthday, and experimenting with new looks. The Barbados beauty has notably taken a liking to hats in recent days, but it seems this contrast billed "Dream Team" cap might have been covering up a bad hair day. A potentially very expensive bad hair day at that. According to the New York Post, the "Talk That Talk" singer may have spent around $24K to fly her stylist Ursula Stephen from L.A. to London for a hair emergency before a television appearance.

The Post reports that Ri might have needed "a hair rescue mission after her 'do was ruined in a sauna" supposedly suffering from a bad hair day under this fly athletic cap. But likeeeee, is it just us, or does her hair not look that bad? I mean, compared to OUR bad hair days... (Broken hair dryer + 80% humidity forecast + slept on it wrong = WAY. WORSE. THAN. THIS.) Did Rihanna's "bad hair day" even reeeeally happen? *shifty eyes* We suppose that this is plausible and she might have pulled out the stops to correct it before having to appear on camera, but we're just not convinced yet. What do you guys think happened?

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