Was Leighton Meester A Gummi Bear Fragrance Model?

leighton meester gummi bears perfume

Gummi Bears Refreshee Body Spray; Leighton Meester at an amfAR New York Fashion Week gala.
Photo: Courtesy of Parfums de Coeur/Getty Images

I was quietly perusing Tumblr on a slow afternoon (aka falling into its photographic wormhole) when a bottle of perfume caught my eye. It was bright pink and featured a fresh-faced young girl on the bottle wearing a heart sweatshirt while holding a giant green gummy bear. I thought, "Hmmm, that looks a lot like… NO, couldn't be." Then I looked closer and was certain. This gummy bear girl is Leighton Meester. Even though she's sporting a parted-down-the-middle hairstyle typical of both the late 90s and early aughts, and even though she's older now and splitting her time between Gossip Girl and the upcoming Adam Sandler movie I Hate You, Dad, this has to be her—at least in her younger days. RIGHT? But I could be wrong. It's a total celebrity fragrance conundrum (that's driving me crazy). Thus, I did some sleuthing to get to the bottom of it all...

Juice Bar Gummi Bears Refreshee Body Spray was/is a popular fragrance for young girls that bills itself as "A cuddly and yummi fragrance!" (Shouldn't that be "cuddli and yummi"? I digress.) In my search for the truth, several members of the MTV Style staff 'fessed up that Gummi Bears Body Spray was something they enjoyed wearing in their younger, more innocent, gelatin-snack-loving days. "I didn't buy it!" says MTV Style Assistant Editor Chrissy Mahlmeister. "It was a friend's." (Mmmm hmmmm.) But did she spray it on her person? "Yes." And did she happen to notice the gummi girl on the bottle? "It's so weird because I remember everything about how the bottle looked," Mahlmeister said, "But never actually looked at it. I think it also comes in cotton candy, too." Well, this doesn't help at all, but it is helpful to know there's a second scent for those wanting "a deliciously fun and fruity burst of vanilla and strawberry wrapped around a sweet musk." And that it sells for $3.55 a bottle.

The question remains: Is this Leighton Meester on the front of the bottle? Well, we know that she was a child model before becoming an actress, but there's no actual evidence or confirmation directly from her to validate our claim. However, after some searching we found that other people are just as perplexed as we are and asking the same questions. Do you think we're onto something here?

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