Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino Gets An Urban Outfitters Line


A look from Bethany Cosentino's line for Urban Outfitters.
Photo: Best Coast's Twitter feed

Did you hear that? It was the collective cacophonous girlie scream of the MTV Style staff taking in the news that Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino is launching a line with Urban Outfitters. (We were about to type multiple *SQEEEEEE*s right then, buuuut we'll spare you.) It's no secret how much we love Best Coast. But this news about a line designed by Cosentino—announced via Best Coast's Twitter feed—as well as an actual PHOTO has us positively verklempt at the thought of an entire line of indie rock inflected onesie wonderment.

As you might recall, we went bananas for an entire week about the band's "Our Deal" supervideo directed by Drew Barrymore , which had the most insane wardrobe styling evah. And we pushed through a throng of peeps (and delicious lobster rolls) to catch Best Coast's fashion week performance last September, which featured Ms. Cosentino wearing Helmut Lang. We're not bragging about our super fan status or anything, it's just that we've always enjoyed the band's easygoing, laid-back style and Bethany's modern take on '60s girl group surf wear. From the first image from the UO line above, we get both a '90s and slightly '40s vibe. This appears to be some sort of tap shorts onesie jumper thing (perhaps coveralls?) featuring see-through sleeves, pocket detailing, and both a well cut silhouette and length. Also? We give major props on the crucifix adornment. We can easily see BC wearing this, but we can also see ourselves wearing it, too. No word yet on if it will come infused with cat hair, but we'll find out for sure when it launches in May.

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