Do You Like Vinny's 'Jert' Outfit?

Vinny's outfit gets clowned.
Photo: MTV

Amidst a sea of exemplary graphic tees, it seems Vinny really does have a collared shirt stowed away in his Jersey Shore closet for a blue moon. Ever the style envelope-pusher, though, Vinny's is no standard button-up. What our man V is rocking here is a short-sleeved plaid shirt with contrast denim details on the shoulders, placket, collar, and hems. Also, there appear to be copper/brass buttons, very rustic Americana chic. Pairing the shirt with cuffed gray-washed jeans and laceless low-top Chucks, Vin kinda looks more appropriately decked out for a Fourth of July barbecue than a night at Karma.

Accordingly, the dude gets ribbed on by roomies Pauly and Ronnie, but it's JWOWW's main man, Roger, who dishes out the insult du jour (watch the clip to hear it). Lighthearted clowning aside, Vin takes it all with a smile and strong back. Sure, it's a little more J.Crew than we're used to seeing him, but honestly, it's not SO bad. Maybe just a little misplaced for the iced out, fist-pumping shore house. What do you guys think about Vin's outfit?


Is That A Jert?

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