Happy 18th Birthday, Justin Bieber! Here's A Fashion Flipbook Of Your Style Evolution

Justin Bieber

Happy 18th birthday, Justin Bieber!
Photos: Getty Images, Gif: Lauren Reid

Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! You're 18 now, which means you're OFFICIALLY an adult. We feel so privileged to watch you grow from a "Baby" boy into a (still young) man, your pipes, your image, and most important (to us) your STYLE evolving before our very eyes. You may want your fans to donate to charity—water for your birthday to raise money for clean water because you're a consummate activist—but we have an EXTRA gift for you on top of the charitable support for which you ask. That's right, Biebs. We've pulled out some of the biggest sartorial moments of your career to date for your (and the internet's) perusal. From signature side-swept "Bieber hair" and all purple everything to slick Supras and one-of-one varsity jackets, we've siphoned all the good stuff into a fashion flipbook of your style evolution from boy to man. We only hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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