Do Kid Cudi's New Tattoos Make You Uncomfortable?

Kid Cudi Wrist Tattoos

Kid Cudi and his new wrist tattoos.
Photo: Getty Images/Kid Cudi's Tumblr

Listen, I get that Kid Cudi is a rapper who's always pushing the envelope—even the tagline of his personal Tumblr is modified lyrics from Mobb Deep's 1999 song "It's Mine:" "Y'all need to give it up, we don't give a f***, what y'all n***** want, CUD LIFE IS MINE!!!" But yesterday he debuted a new set of tattoos on his wrists that really makes me feel bananas in my soul areas. He got two drippy, bleeding slits with the caption "The old Scott is dead...slit wrists" underneath it. Now, I'm not here to judge/be a mom/tell people how to live their lives, but I can't tell if this is blithe or insensitive or refreshingly outspoken or what, but MAN, long story short, I feel weird. Also, maybe not great? I understand the visual interpretation of re-invention or officially resurrecting from his given name (Scott Mescudi) into Kid Cudi, but either way he's sending out some seriously intense vibes that even his fans can't keep quiet about.

On the post, one fan named Matilda Wong stated, "These tattoos creep me out," while another Tumblr user Mike Del Rey got more angry and said, "This p***** me off. Why the f*** would someone get a tattoo of there wrists slit? There is no point to it whatsoever." Some commenters, like My Nastyy Apparel, defended the decision, citing, "I love this I want it on the back of my neck" and Overdose On My Swagg said, "I have so much more respect for him, for doing this." I'm happy to administer propers for self-expression, but ooof on aggrandizing self-mutilation. What do you think: Is this tattoo cool or crossing the line?

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