Rihanna Has A New...Hat?


Rihanna sports some interesting new headgear.
Photo: Getty Images

Hey, Rihanna. We're all for your sartorial experimentation as of late, from your BRIT Awards uptown-downtown transformation to your fashion-filled birthday weekend. Even that uncharacteristically covered up turtleneck and chain ensemble you were rocking the other day was too fly to ignore. This latest style gamble is a little more perplexing. But only because we're not quite sure what we're looking at. I mean, we know this is a pic of your mug, DUH. Just... *scratches chin* This head harness you're sporting is kinda foreign to us. What is this thing anyway?

Let's dissect with what we know. It's black. Potentially leather. Embellished with gold rivets and buckle. It's definitely a descendant of the visor. But the brim is shorter and sits higher on the crown. Also, there's a conspicuous dome-dividing headstrap that keeps this two-piece millinery masterpiece together. Not quite a bonnet, but not exactly a visor either; this thing is hard to define. We would ask where she copped it, but we have a feeling it was a souvenir from her recent Esquire UK cover shoot. We DO want to figure out where we can get one for ourselves, though. Or at least, you know, try it on first.

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