Katy Perry Goes Incognito For 'Interview'

Katy Perry Interview Magazine

Katy Perry on the March cover of "Interview."
Photo: Courtesy of "Interview"

So, Interview magazine revealed their March cover, and we immediately were blown away by the sultry, glam goddess donning their issue. Those brows, that bustier, that hair—we NEEDED to know who this luminous lady was! Then, we noticed the words "Katy Perry" scrawled across her chest. Wha? Where? *rubs eyes* We don't see our ol' bright-bobbed, fun-loving KP on the cover! After 30 seconds of a long, hard stare, we did indeed figure out that Katy had completely transformed her typically cutesy self into an almost unrecognizable Amy Winehouse meets Elizabeth Taylor-inspired lady.

Since this is just a sneak peek, we know next to nothing about the inspiration behind the shoot—other than it was photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Karl Templer—but we're getting serious Dynasty vibes from her tall '80s perm, shimmering chandelier earrings, long satin gloves, and rhinestone-encrusted bustier. Even her makeup is strictly stuck in the '80s—she sported jet black brows, dark blush, and smoky eyes with a hint of Amy Winehouse's exaggerated cat eye. And, I mean, we don't mean to get all gross and stare at her chesticles, but LOOK AT THAT BRA. It is beyond decked out, and we're obsessed. We need it even though we'd have absolutely no place to wear it. Ever. We can't wait to see the fashion credits behind this cover shot, plus all of the additional pics in the spread! Will it be an all-out glam '80s fest just like the cover? Oh gosh, we hope so! *crosses fingers*

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