Azealia Banks Talks Fashion And New Album With 'Nylon'

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks for "Nylon" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Nylon" Magazine

Azealia Banks is a busy girl. It seems like only a short while that we had just stumbled on her earwormy "212" track and hypnotically charming video that came with it. Now, the girl is jetting across the Atlantic, hitting up London Fashion Week, being featured on the NME Awards Tour. What a life. Amid Azealia's packed schedule, Nylon magazine was able to snag her for a few words on her first Fashion Week experience, her forthcoming album release, and whether or not those enviably thick fanned out lashes are real or not.

She reveals to Nylon that she's flattered with all the positive attention from the fashion community, from playing private parties at Karl Lagerfeld's house to being taken under Nicola Formichetti's styling wing, but she's " just trying to stay focused and get my album done, you know? I'm keeping my mind off of it." She was kiiiiind of able to do a little of both, sitting front row at this season's Mulberry show with reported upcoming duet partner Miss Lana Del Rey. No word from either yet about the validity of those reports, but we're hoping it gets produced and featured on Azealia's forthcoming album. She reveals choice news nuggets to Nylon, saying, "It's called Broke With Expensive Taste and it's coming out in September." *promptly marks calendar with highlighters and Lisa Frank stickers* Finally, a title that really SPEAKS to us.

Apart from having business on the brain, Banks is still infatuated with fashion and happy to gab about all things style. Goaded with a question about whether those luxurious eyelashes are her own or falsies, Azealia happily exclaims, "Of course they're real! I was born this way," adding unprovoked, "oh, and I use this mascara by BeneFit called 'They're Real!' And they are!" *adds to Sephora cart* Check out her full shoot and interview over at Nylon.

{via Nylon}

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