Get Rihanna's Topshop Cleopatra Sweatshirt!

Rihanna leaving a London hotel in a Topshop Unique sweatshirt.
Photo: Splash News

Rihanna is a style chameleon. She can go from wearing the snazziest, razziest performance outfit to sporting uptown turtleneck chic to dressing down in a Village People Chanel sea captain look all in the span of a week. What we love so much about Ri is that she doesn't stick to one particular look or theme; she can go from bananas-omg-what one moment to craymazing-where-can-I-get-this the next. And sometimes she puts both of those themes together at once, such as with this Pixelated Cleopatra Sweatshirt by Topshop Unique. Like we said: bananas, craymazing, and WANT.

Sporting gigantic superstar shades by Anna-Karin Karlsson (whose stuff you must check out), Ri Ri sauntered out of a London hotel recently in super elevated snuggle wear. I mean, this is a SWEATSHIRT paired with a long skirt that looks like it's made out of comfy jersey just wrapped around her figure all easy-peasy style. But the fact that it's displaying this fantastic close-up shot of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra with her smudged kohl eyes all pixelated to perfection, takes this casual top to a whole other level. Rihanna tipped her look out with a large circular necklace (which, strangely, doesn't detract from the sweatshirt), loose hair, and to-die black and white Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. We think you could wear this sweatshirt with black jeans and slouchy boots or over a spandex mini and tights for a night out. It's all about letting that graphic Cleopatra do all of the goddess talking for you. Or in Ri's case, talking with you.

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