Nicola Formichetti's Music For Mugler: MTV Style Exclusive!

Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti gets ready for the Thierry Mugler Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti's Facebook

Um. I feel weird starting this article in exactly this manner but having just gotten off the phone with Nicola Formichetti *silent screeeeeeams*, I've just learned something WONDERFUL (and exclusive to MTV Style) about the music for his Paris Fashion Week show this Wednesday. The frequent Lady Gaga collaborator and Mugler creative director is renowned for unveiling something extra special during each of his shows, like last year's premieres of Mugler remix of Gaga's Scheiße AND none other than Lady Gaga herself walking to "Government Hooker" as well. Plus, let's not forget the unveiling of the Jessica 6 mix to Azealia Banks' "Bambi"at his 2012 men's show earlier this year.

Basically, the dude doesn't play when it comes to the perfect aural complement to his shows. And this time Formichetti's planned something EXTRA major.

Ryuchi Sakamoto in a lift in London, June 2002.
Photo: Eamonn McCabe/Redferns

For Fall 2012, Nicola teams up with musical legend Ryuichi Sakamoto for the show's soundtrack. OK, so this might not be a massive thunderclap and you may not immediately recognize the name but Sakamoto is an incredible composer, actor, record producer and actor who in the late ‘70s started a revolutionary electronic group called Yellow Magic Orchestra (rando, fash-nerd Easter egg but Jeremy Scott featured a YMO song for Fall as well). He has Oscars and BAFTAs and Grammys coming out of his ears, has been covered by Michael Jackson, has collaborated with Iggy Pop, David Byrne, David Bowie (the two were in a movie together) and also appeared in Madonna’s “Rain” video. This guy is HUGE.

Also, he also scored "The Last Emperor" which, exactly, none % of you may have seen, but the soundtrack is incredible and has special resonance for me as the second movie that my parents ever took me to. ANYHOO, the really lovely part of this collaboration is to hear Nicola talk about it.

"While working on my third collection for Mugler, Sakamoto's musical scores played continuously in my studio," says Formichetti. "When it came time to select a soundtrack for the collection, Sakamoto was an obvious but ambitious first choice. As a child, Ryuichi Sakamoto was a musical god for me. He combined classical and electronic music into a minimal sound that has been famously dubbed 'neo geo.' I am honored and humbled to have Sakamoto as the musical director for the show. We are all in for something truly amazing."

What's not to swoon over? There's something so satisfying and heartening and magical to consider the prospect of working with people who you've hero-worshipped since you were a kid. And then to have your "musical god" welcome the thought of working with you too? Glorious.

"I was asked to help out with the music at a fashion show that even I had heard of—Mugler," says Sakamoto. "I met Nicola and he grabbed my attention. He is a young, Italian-looking man with motivation and he's fluent in Japanese and it piqued my interest. The show is about white, black, insects...I'm very excited to see the outcome."

Nicola is thrilled to share his love of Sakamoto's music with a younger generation (that's where you guys come in). The original piece will be featured live during the stream of the show on Feb. 29, 3 p.m. ET on the Mugler Facebook page and the soundtrack can be found later for your enjoyment on the Mugler channel on Soundcloud. Please, do me a favor and get into this, plus, also this, this, and definitely this so we can talk about it.

It's really weird because Sakamoto's music is in essence like the Beatles or Pet Sounds, where the music is so familiar that you can't believe it didn't exist before someone put it into the world. Seriously, tell me your face doesn't tingle RIGHT OFF during some of these out of a haunting, gorgeous, devastating loneliness. AAACK. CANNOT wait for the show.

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