Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Causes Riots

Nike Foamposite Galaxy sneakers are already on eBay.
Photo: Courtesy of privatereserve23's eBay listing

In an effort to supplement the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend, Nike planned to release a brand new sneaker to punctuate the occasion. With the stellar weekend as inspiration, Nike concocted a new foamposite sneaker (once the signature style of Penny Hardaway four-time NBA All-Star who started his career on the Orlando Magic, the city playing host to this year's celebratory weekend!) with funky on-trend galaxy print. Unfortunately, like many other sneaker releases, the debut of the new kicks caused some pretty dangerous levels of hysteria.

People camped outside of stores across the country in anxious anticipation of the fresh footwear arrival. In some locations, though, the frenzied crowds appeared too hazardous to police, causing certain stores to cancel or postpone their official release until later in the day. Some retail locations even reportedly enlisted policies allowing only one shopper at a time. We get that these are a limited release and associated with a star-studded three-day long event, but are these bulbuos, strangely ridged sneakers really worth it?

Nike Foamposite Galaxy sneakers are already on eBay.
Photo: Courtesy of pewterusa2xy3's eBay listing

I mean, a raucous and possibly deadly stampede of people is never warranted for ANY material thing. But we also feel like there are way more swoon-worthy kicks available on shelves RIGHT NOW. The glow-in-the-dark sole is cool, but the Yeezy 2s have that, too, and frankly, we'd much rather sidewalk tent for a pair of those. Or those custom platform Jordan 3s Nicola Formichetti made for Azealia Banks... *credit card cries single tear* Now, these intergalactic space kicks that people fought tooth-and-nail for are cropping up on eBay and (naturally) price-gauged out the wazoo! What do you think? Are these shoes worth the hype?


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