Beyonce Debuts House Of Dereon Spring 2012 Campaign

Beyoncé for the Spring 2012 House of Dereon campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of House of Dereon

I'm really starting to believe that Beyoncé is actually a glamorous alien sent to Earth to straight-up PWN the world with excellence in everything she attempts, all with a gentle smile and an infectiously warm personality. We're all well-aware of her musical domination, but she's also killing it in the fashion universe with House of Dereon, her joint sartorial operation with mom Tina Knowles. The new website is up and running, and now the Knowles ladies are premiering the Spring 2012 lookbook alongside a brand-new campaign for the season starring Bey herself!

Beyoncé strikes a sultry pose laying across some sort of boulder (I'm not a geologist, y'all). Perfectly matte and windblown, she models a studded olive bustier-style bodysuit from the new collection that I'm toooootally lusting after. The ecommerce portion of the site hasn't launched yet, but you can be sure we'll be checking religiously until it does. One thing about this photo makes us go a little *side-eye*, though.

We can't quite pinpoint it, but something about this image looks perhaps photoshopped in a way that, we think, Queen Bey totally doesn't need. I mean, lady is naturally DROP DEAD gorgeous to the point where gazing at her visage is like trying to peek at the sun. To the point where if you're in the same room with her, she's so beautiful it's difficult to look her directly in the face. Of course, we don't know for sure whether anything was done or not, but if WE were ever going to be in an ad that was poised to circulate the internet, the mere humans that we are, we'd proooobably have a hard time fighting the urge to sit down and Photoshop that ish ourselves. What do you guys think?

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