Is Rihanna Making Turtlenecks Cool?

Rihanna gets retro with a turtleneck and chain.
Photo: Getty Images

Leave it to Rihanna to hit the ground running with a fresh trend. The fall 2012 showings at New York Fashion Week predicted a new era of rising necklines, and it looks like Ri, ever the early-adopter, is getting a jump-start on the trend. In a sharp turn from her usual more, erm, revealing vestments, the "We Found Love" singer was spotted out and about and uncharacteristically covered up.

We're not sure whether this is a fleeting fashion experiment or what it might mean for her sartorial choices in the near future, but we have a few ideas. Chief among our speculations is that this Rayban-laden late '80s/early '90s reminiscent ensemble is some sort of cry out to The Lonely Island, masterminds behind the Turtleneck & Chain album. And that double-breasted blazer is either inspired by early En Vogue or the old school R&B aesthetics of Lonely Island's breakout digital short for "D*** in a Box." Or, you know, both. Could Robyn want a "Ronnie and Clyde" reprise? Or is this a legitimate style revolution she's trying to spearhead here? Either way, we don't mind, though, granted, Britney may have technically been trying to do the whole turtleneck thing for a while...

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