Katy Perry Sports '80s Perm, Hairy Lip For 'Raising Hope'

Katy Perry Raising Hope

Shannon Woodward and Katy Perry in "Raising Hope."
Photo: Courtesy of @KatyPerry's Twitter

We've seen Katy Perry transform into an ethereal alien, a pink-haired mermaid, and even a brace-faced tween, but we have never seen Katy look like this. The singer tweeted a pic of her and real-life BFF Shannon Woodward on the TV show Raising Hope, in which Katy guest stars as a prison attendant, according to EW. The episode, called "Single White Female," will air March 6, but we NEED to discuss this ensemble right now. Katy ditched her straight, glam blue 'do and sultry cat eyeliner for an orange '80s perm, no makeup, and ill-fitting prison uniform. If you look really close, you can see Katy took her her small-screen debut to the extreme by sporting a little hair above her lip. We barely even recognized Katy in this still shot, so we give her major props for going all out in her character transformation.

Katy explained to EW how she landed the part: "A couple of weeks ago, I was home, just toasting up a frozen chicken fillet when Shannon called me up and asked if I wanted to do something 'fun' for a change and try out a guest role on her TV show. I thought, sure, I have nothing else to do, and I like chillin' with my best friend. [Show creator] Greg was nice, but I hope he's not secretly sabotaging my potential future career by typecasting me in the role of just a looker, so that I would never be able to play anything more challenging." Aaannnddd scene.

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