‘Vogue Italia’ Posts Insane Model GIFs For Latest Issue

Coco Rocha for “Vogue Italia.”
Photo: Steven Meisel/”Vogue Italia”

We’ve often wondered why it’s taken so long for magazines to get on the ol’ web band(width)wagon. Not to be all sassy-pants about it—because believe me, I am OBSESSED with printed magazines—but promoting your issue online in interesting ways is kind of where it needs to be. Yes, we all enjoy seeing an artist or actress looking otherworldly on the cover of a magazine (hi, Adele), but teasing it online or throwing in some behind-the-scenes video or outtakes makes the lead up to the actual issue all the more exciting. Give us a craymazing GIF, however, and we’ll go bazonkers bananas. Really, how many magazines have done this? Not many. And how many have done them as well as Vogue Italia just did? This is trailblazing territory! So, YES, look at this insane GIF above. That’s Coco Rocha shot by Steven Meisel for the March issue of Vogue Italia wearing loud tropical prints, gargantuan drop earrings, blue and yellow shadowed eyes, and a Twix bathing cap while sipping some sort of fast food beverage she’s clutching with mega-leopard nails. You guys, THERE ARE NO WORDS. Also? There’s more…

Abbey Lee Kershaw for “Vogue Italia.”
Photo: Steven Meisel/”Vogue Italia”

The shoot is entitled “Haute Mess” and we’re inclined to agree. Both Rocha and model Abbey Lee Kershaw are almost unrecognizable in these over-the-top getups. Kershaw sports a blonde and brown striped Dynasty wig, fringed Western wear, layers of gold necklaces and rings, lined lips, red eyelids, drawn-on brows, and facial tear tattoos à la Lil Wayne. And is that a cow manicure we see? Why yes, yes it is. WHAT IS THIS FASHION SHOOT?! It’s gahmazing is what it is. We love that Vogue Italia and Meisel really went for something different and totally within the fashion vernacular. It’s all about loud prints, clashing colors, and nail art these days, and it’s refreshing to see such a major magazine having fun with these trends in a somewhat grotesque way. We can’t WAIT for this issue (and will gladly shell out for it) nor for more GIFs (hopefully) from the VI webteam. This is how it’s done, people.

{via Vogue Italia}

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