Get Vinny's 'Mr. Tea' Shirt From Tonight's 'Jersey Shore'

Vinny sports a Chunk Mr. Tea shirt.
Photo: MTV/Courtesy of

It has become a widely accepted fact that Vinny Guadagnino is the reigning KING of graphic tees. I mean, after a brief break from Jersey Shore, his roommates brought him back WITH T-SHIRTS. It was only a matter of time before we were so moved by one page of his shirt game that we sent out the bloodhounds to track it down. This "Mr. Tea" shirt by Chunk is unequivocally it, and also (we've come to realize) very rare.

A few hours combing ecommerce sites for this gem later and we still weren't able to unearth this exact style from the depths of the internet. The print itself isn't THAT hard to find, but that bright magenta that plays so well with Vinny's glowing complexion appears to be all sold out. *whimper* The A-Team's Mr. T as teapot cartoon graphic, though, is too good to totally give up on, so we offer to you, readers, these other colorway options: pale yellow, Dodger blue, evergreen, light heather gray, and charcoal. We have ALSO uncovered this alternate "Mr. Tee" golf tee graphic (by Chunk, as well). Finally, a a bit of a warning, these sites are all European, so remember to do the conversions! Also, because they're from across the pond, we're guessing Vin copped this tee back in Italy. *sigh* So international.

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