Is Ashanti Addicted To Mesh?

Ashanti style

Ashanti on Feb. 12 and 13 in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

Guys, we need to talk about Ashanti. We spotted her sporting a mesh ensemble not once, not twice, but three times in a row this week. Not only are we a little unsure as to why she can't stop sporting the sheer stuff in the middle of winter, but we're worried we might have to stage an intervention. On Sunday, we spotted her backstage at the NYFW Falguni & Shane Peacock fall show wearing a barely there Pocahontas-inspired ensemble by the designer. And when we say "barely there," we basically mean that she's wearing mostly mesh with strategically placed panels of patterned fabric. She accessorized with pointy-toe heels that we're 99.9 percent sure say "SEX" on them in all glitter. Yep. Also, we tried to imagine her sitting down in this dress and our minds exploded.

The following day, Ashanti wore a multicolored, paint-splattered jumpsuit with an Aztec pattern on—you guessed it—mesh. She paired it with an extra long black fur coat and sparkly peep-toe boots, and, um, does she realize that she still has a piece of braided hair glued to her forehead from the day before? Yeah? Cool, just checking. She finished the look with fuchsia lipstick and larger-than-life eyelashes. Later in the day she switched to a orange, beige, and black printed mini dress with tons of sheerness at a Stella & Dot fall jewelry event. Upon closer inspection, though, we realized that she's sporting a black bra very obviously under the ensemble. We're not advocating that she should go braless, but what's the point of mesh if you're just going to wear underwear underneath? *shrugs* We may never know. But what do you think: Is Ashanti addicted to mesh?

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