The Best Nail Art At New York Fashion Week

You've probably seen the clothes, the hair, and the makeup from all the fall 2012 NYFW shows by now, but have you seen the nails? Even if you were front row, it'd be hard to spot nail art on the fierce fast-paced models. Luckily, we found beautiful, up-close shots of the best tips from backstage, on Twitter, and everywhere in between. Check out the hottest fashion week nail designs below, and don't blame us if you get inspired to purchase some new polish immediately after reading this.


NYFW Nail Art

Nail art from Nicole Miller, The Blonds, and Jeremy Scott's fall 2012 shows.
Photo: Getty Images/Model MJ's Twitter

The fall season didn't stop designers from sending neon-tipped models down the runway. We spotted so many fun and bright rainbow-colored nail designs that took us straight back to the '90s raver days, and we especially loved the hand-done swirl design at Nicole Miller! The Blonds showcased a glittery hodgepodge of hot pink, blue and white nails with tiny tattoo designs, and Jeremy Scott went for colorful 3D nail stickers that remind us of Candy Buttons. Mmmmm.


Clockwise from top left: Nail art from Calla, Gretchen Jones, The Blonds, and Rachel Antonoff fall 2012 shows.
Photo: Getty Images/Thread NY's Instagram/Courtesy of Calla

The beauty and ease of nail stickers reign supreme backstage at Calla and Gretchen Jones, where models show off black and white and turquoise-inspired marble designs. At The Blonds, they went all out with gold-leafed nail art (done by hand, of course), and Rachel Antonoff showed that marble can be totally glam if you add some metallic sheen!


Nail art from The Blonds fall 2012 show.
Photo: Getty Images

To put it simply, The Blonds KILLED IT this season with their nail art. If you haven't been counting, we've already peeped two of their designs, and here are two more! (That makes four.) We almost died over the chunky glitter black and gold ombre nails, because, um, just look at it. They made a 2D design into a 3D work of art by seriously layering on the glitter. On the right, a model shows off a yellow to orange ombre nail design filled with tons of—you guessed it—glitter.


Nail art from the Rebecca Minkoff and L.A.M.B. fall shows.
Photo: Getty Images

Not to be all "WE TOTALLY CALLED THIS TREND!" but we totally did call this trend. The partially-painted mani was big last winter, and it seems to still reign strong in the hyped-up nail art world. At Rebecca Minkoff, Haven Spa for essie did a double striped French-tipped mani with black "Midnight Cami" and metallic burgundy "Wrapped in Rubies" stripes over a nude "Jazz" polish. They had the same idea over at the L.A.M.B. presentation, but they decided to paint only the bottom half of the nails instead of the top. Iiiinteresting.


Nail art from the Betsey Johnson, Mara Hoffman, and Kate Spade fall shows.
Photo: Courtesy of writer Caitlin Osbourne's Twitter/writer Kara Manos' Instagram/Getty Images

Remember how mixed prints were huge on the runway this season? Well, you can apply the same idea to your fingertips! Betsey Johnson opted for a silver and black striped nail while Mara Hoffman went for a metallic black zig-zag design. Kate Spade's models sported bold black and white polka dot nail art to add even more fun to their retro-inspired ensembles.


Nail art from the Rachel Antonoff fall 2012 show.
Photo: Getty Images

We just really wanted to share this image with you because... it's amazing. We love this updated version of floral nail art at Rachel Antonoff, and the azure blue and white paired with bright orange (ANOTHER TREND!) makes us feel really, really happy inside. The end.

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