What Do You Think Of Lil' Kim's Outfit At The Blonds?

Lil' Kim attends The Blonds Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Last night's The Blonds show brought more than the rousing gem-encrusted numbers of David and Phillipe's newest collection. Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Big Momma, Lil' Kim made a MAY-JOR appearance in the New York Fashion Week front row. Kimmy Blanco has been making quite the splash over the past few months with her mounting beef with Nicki Minaj and teasing out new music, so we wonder if this Blonds VIP treatment might forecast a Lil' Kim resurgence of EPIC glitter-drenched proportions. The fashion label is, after all, responsible for some of the most statement-making performance pieces, once even outfitting Kim's nemesis herself.

While the Queen Bee's front row togs were no 1999 VMAs mermaid pastie moment (it IS winter after all), she pulled up to the anticipated show looking decidedly regal. In a stark white body-con skirt, HEAVILY bedazzled nude top (with a very on-trend high neck, BTW), and glam-tastic maribou feather-laden shoulders, an ensemble from The Blonds' spring 2012 collection (that was specially altered for her), Kim looked every bit the living legend. Also, (ajakldfhaljkg!!!!) we sat DIRECTLY BEHIND HER. While the paps went bonkers and made some ungentlemanly remarks (among them the request for her to uncross her legs), Kim remained poised. And while some part of us longs for the Kim who would forgo the flesh colored bodysuit and just show up wearing a gang of gems on her torso (especially since "flesh colored" is the most subjective ish ever) we are totally ready for a new album and like this elegant look. So, what do you guys think? The Notorious K.I.M.'s white ensemble, love it or lump it?

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