Fashion Week LOL: Neck Beard?

Kimberly Ovitz Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

All right New York Fashion Week. We get it. It's becoming all too obvious that next fall/winter will be dominated by LOADS of furry hairy looks. And not just in your conventional coat shapes either. We'll get into it more at the end of the week with our trends wrap-ups, but this particular instance is begging to be singled out. The majority of Kimberly Ovitz's fall 2012 collection was long-lined, drapey urbanwear with sprinklings of sheers and knubbly sweaters, but a few looks were dressed with choice long-haired accessories. While most of them were slung crossbody, adding some interesting dimension to the outfit, this lucky model was outfitted with her own weave-adorned choker. We're not sure what the vision was behind this neck beard, but we do know that it's distracting from the rest of this gold lurex outfit. Also, if you add a Fu Manchu, this girl is a little bit channeling Confucius, AMIRITE??

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