Valentine’s Day For The Stay-At-Home Girl

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wooo! Candy hearts, glitter, chocolates, Mylar balloons, a romantic dinner, and ubiquitous roses! Does this sound like your holiday? Ours either. It’s Tuesday, people, and it’s Fashion Week. Also? WE. ARE. EXHAUSTED. We’ll take the sugar, but the rest of this love heart biz isn’t convenient right now. All we want is a night in with that special someone (aka a certain fuzzball we may or may not have named KILLER), some choice eats, a rad movie that might induce maniacal crying, and the snuggliest of snuggle gear we can get our chipped pedicures into. Thus, we’ve put together the ultimate, last-minute Valentine’s Day fiesta for us stay-at-home girls. Remember: IT’S A CHOICE, not necessarily a necessity. (Or so we keep telling ourselves.) Onward!

Since our night is all about le couch, we like the idea of curling up under this Diane Von Furstenberg Ikat Blanket Throw, which is glamorous, warm, and a nod toward #NYFW. When thinking about the ultimate feast, we can’t really see the point of anything other than Doritos Tapatio Tortilla Chips (mmmm, spicy) and a side of Boursin Cheese with Garlic and Fine Herbs. Delicious and pungently herbaceous, you can eat as much of this creamy delight as you’d like because it’s not like there’s gonna be any k-i-s-s-i-n-g going on. (Thank GOODNESS, right? Geez! Boresville.) And because we’re anticipating bloat—we mean the desire for ultimate comfortability—we’re going to throw on some Hoodie-Footie Wild Style Panda PJ’s. You guys, this panda action zips up the front for easy ventilation in a radiator-infused apartment. It has wrist cuffs with thumb holes (THUMB HOLES), pockets, and—get this—zip–off feet with non-skid treads. Did we happen to mention that it can also be personalized with your initials? WILD.

Our movie of choice will be Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, and we will pair it with proper pampering like the Living Proof “Restore” Mask Treatment, which is great for dry or damaged Fashion Week hair. According to the description, “the end result is hair’s porosity is normalized to be like virgin hair.” Well. How ’bout that? Sounds PERFECT. Juuust perfect. (*Takes a moment*) Moving on, we look forward to using our Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips and trying to read the blackhead forest left upon the strip like tea leaves revealing our future. Since that’s totally depressing, we might as well break out the Tweezerman Brow Beauty Bubble we got over the holidays. Not only is it the perfect (and cutest) set of tweezers, it also comes with a 10X Magnify Mirror for illuminating every single egregious area on our tired, overworked, fresh air-deprived faces. We’ll add a little sunshine to the proceedings in the form of Deborah Lippman Yellow Brick Road Nail Lacquer, which we will apply to our toesies after using Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub. Did we leave anything out? Oh yeah, PROSECCO (or sparkling apple juice, whatever your poison), Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream, our retainer (WHUT?!), and our best furry friend. What’s not to love here?

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