Nicki Minaj And deadmau5 Pull Outrageous Fashion Antics On The Grammys Red Carpet

Nicki Minaj and deadmau5 pull red carpet fashion antics at the 2012 Grammys.
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Unlike the other major red carpets of awards show season, the Grammys cultivate an atmosphere that almost invites its attendees to create a little more of a scene, to get a little more outrageous. [Insert jazz hands.] While there was nothing quite like Lady Gaga's egg entrance at last year's show, Nicki Minaj and deadmau5 made splashes of their own on this year's step and repeat. Whether you loved or loathed their sartorial choices, you can't help but admit you felt some kinda feelings about both of these button-pushing ensembles.


Nicki Minaj arrives at 2012 Grammys with robed escort.
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Any time you make ANY sort of unprovoked religious reference, you're strapping yourself into a speeding train headed straight for guaranteed wave-making and feather-ruffling (*COUGH*"Alejandro" video*COUGH*). Not that those are necessarily new things to Miss Nicki Minaj, mastermind behind "Stupid Hoe" and that 2011 VMA Candy Raver outfit. The MC graced the red carpet in a one-of-a-kind scarlet satin Versace robe. Emblazoned with the label's signature Medusa head across the skirt and worn with matching short sequin-embellished gloves, Nicki appeared to be giving a "Little Red Riding Hood" homage when spotted alone. And then she was joined by her escort: a Pope look-alike. Afagdfakjgkl WHAT??!? Immediately, the black trim mutates into a rosary bead reference and Nicki into a Roman cardinal. We have no idea what kind of statement she's making with this move, but she sure made one. Though, granted, if Donatella Versace showed up on our doorstep with a custom made ANYTHING for us, we'd have a pretty difficult time turning it down.


Deadmau5 wears Skrillex's phone number on his shirt.
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Even though the Grammys' dress code isn't exactly set in stone, we wouldn't exactly say that a T-shirt and jeans are standard fare for the event. Nevertheless, we're pretty obsessed with deadmau5's look. Not because we think it's groundbreaking or breathtaking or whateverwhatever. We love it because beneath his hallmark mau5 headdress, he has Grammy Award-winning Skrillex's REAL DEAL phone number scrawled across his chest.

LOLZ times INFINITY BAZILLION THOUSAND. Added bonus? That jesting "u mad bro?" quip right underneath. *sigh* I mean, this is some George Clooney x Brad Pitt prank magic, and we LOVEEEE it.



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