Helmut Lang Gives Strong Snood For Fall

Helmut Lang Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

As much as I adore gawping at genetic anomalies swan down slick runways in precipitously tall heels wearing tens of thousands of clothes, sometimes it’s like spending too long at the perfume counter–after the umpteenth ensemble, your senses SHUT DOWN. Which is why I get excited when someone flips the script on a silhouette and makes me snap to attention. Especially when the designer has deigned to showcase a look that any ol’ mortal regular person can mimic without THE very specific coat or THE very specific dress. This snood situation courtesy of the co-creative directors behind Helmut Lang–Michael and Nicole Colovos (formerly of Habitual)–is exactly that.

Though some of the monstrous funnel necks were attached to the wrap coats, this is just a keen study into piling on some wide felted wool strips in various colors, interwoven with thinthinthin printed organdy scarves with complementary outerwear that instantly gets a face-lift (or maybe a high-quality collagen peel and 10 hours of sleep). Plus, I also adore the contrast of wearing cobwebby knits with leather pants that are anchored with a pitch black snood. With all the silhouettes elongating for Fall 2012 with monochrome, basque bodices, long swishy skirts and tall collars, a quick way add even more height is one of these mufflers. It’s sorta like that Portlandia skit with birds–put a snood on it! Unless you’re a dude, ’cause then it’s on a case by case basis and most of the time very bad news.

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