Charlotte Ronson Fall Show Soundtracked With Girl Power Playlist

Selects from the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Did you SEE Charlotte Ronson's Fall 2012 collection?! Deep into this Friday night, we are still recovering from the break-neck change of pace this season was for the designer. With dramatic bold colors, unexpected silhouettes, and risk-tasking accessories choices (*achem* knit and leather BONNETS), C. Ronson really upped the ante this New York Fashion Week with a riveting and totally inspired collection. One that, BTW, still held true the label's hallmark synergy of edgy, feminine, and cool. A collection for girls this ballsy needs the right brand of girl-powered tracks to accompany its catwalk debut. Thankfully, Charlotte is born of an uber-musical family with a talented sister (Samantha Ronson) who happily DJs her shows to soundtracking perfection.

We caught up with Sam after the show to pick her brain about the playlist. Playing off the rich hued colorblocking, flirty peeks of sheer, thick stacked heels and platforms, a whole lotta LEATHAHHH, she went for strong female vocalists as a running theme but ran the gamut of musical genres and styles. The Dead Weather's "Treat Me Like Your Mother" starts the show with ripping electric guitars and Alison Mossharts's saucy purr drizzling all over the track. Following the section of evergreens and blacks that the song accompanies comes another unit of floaty florals punctuated by tapestry boucle and "Half Awake" by Sam's own band, Samantha Ronson and the Undertakers. Her set for Charlotte's show was essentially the dance rock playlist version of that femme army moment at the end of Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" music video, and we are thoroughly obsessed with it.

Mandy Lee at the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2012 NYFW show.
Photo: MTV Style

M.I.A.'s "20 Dollar" moves to PJ Harvey's "Who The F***" which moves to "#1 In Heaven" by MNDR to Sleigh Bells on "A/B Machines" to finally, ending with the orchestral "No Light, No Light" by Florence + the Machine. But the most earwormy track of the night, fell right in the middle with the BEST, most soul-refreshing cover of "Midnight City" we've ever heard. NYC based The Knocks features the adorable Mandy Lee to perform the effortless soaring vocals frosted all over this M83 cover, and the product is MAGICAL. Mandy Lee (who watched the Ronson show with Sam from the DJ booth!) has a voice that hits your ears like a cool slurp of mint ice cream, and the entire track feels so much like a late night cab ride through a city you don't know. Scapes you don't recognize and LIGHTS and wind and hair EVERYWHERE. Forreal, we've played this song on repeat since getting home from the show. Which ended around three hours ago. Join us and get your listen on here.

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