Vorhees Plays Live At Rachel Comey Fall 2012 Show

Rachel Comey Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week Show.
Photo: Getty Images

Dear Rachel Comey and Vorhees. This is exactly how we would dream our perfect New York Fashion Week experience to begin. Not only are we treated to a wonderful new season of clothes to ogle and lust after, but to be introduced to fresh garments underscored by a LIVE performance?? *wipes away single happy tear* Our hearts are overflowing with so much unbridled fash + music collision JOY that we can hardly contain ourselves. Being treated to the ethereal moany synths of Vorhees IN THE FLESH while images of Rachel Comey's mod conservative collection traipsing down the runway wash over your brain is so much more than we could have ever asked for. From fascinating illusion garter socks, structured clutches with bar handles, the BEST day-to-day shoe game, and that exquisite tangerine funnel neck coat, Rachel Comey nailed the details and will surely recur many times over in our accessories wrap-up at the end of the week. But real talk, it's taking a whole LOT of fibers of my being to confine myself to this browser window instead of travelling even further down the Vorhees/Dana Wachs rabbit hole that I've already begun to dig.

Dana Wachs of Vorhees.
Photo: Courtesy of Vorhees's Facebook/Sebastian Mlynarski/Jess Holzworth

We are nerding out hard for Vorhees, Dana Wachs' one-woman band, and the seamless set she played at last night's Rachel Comey F/W 2012 show. Her sound so perfectly straddles between clear musical derivatives and her own engineering tastes, which keeps everything fresh and relevant, with sweet breathy vocals with two fingers on the pulse of Cyndi Lauper's ballad work and the raw layering of Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. Moody whining synths find a backbone in poppy trip-hop beats. And everything comes together for an overall effect of Cat Power meets the Drive soundtrack. Long story short, we're madly obsessed. Here's her Soundcloud, so you can be, too.

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