Lenay Dunn Is American Rag's New 'It' Girl

Lenay Dunn and The All-American Rejects for American Rag.
Photo: Courtesy of American Rag

Faithful MTV family, our girl Lenay Dunn has scored another sweet gig! The totally adorable 10 On Top host has been nabbed up by American Rag for Macy's as its new "It" Girl! But this esteemed fash status won't be all hair and makeup and photo shoots for Miss Dunn. She's ALSO serving as a correspondent for the brand's Ragged Magazine. First band on her bill? The All-American Rejects.

Lenay's stint as American Rag "It" Girl will find her interviewing musicians, getting the backstage scoop at concerts, covering the festival scene, general globetrotting, etc., etc., all while repping the brand along the way. And though we may be working up a sweat thinking about all that, we're confident this will be a cakewalk for L. Her bubbly personality and insatiable passion for music and band culture will no doubt propel Lenay through all her important duties. And we can't WAIT to peek at some more behind-the-scenes videos if they include more dark-haired-blue-eyed dreamboats like Mr. Tyson Ritter. (!!!!!)


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